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Jane Lane: The Best Friend You Wish You Had

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I may have aspired to be Daria, but I feel that I and most people were much more similar to her best friend Jane Lane.  Like Daria, Jane didn’t care about what people thought of her, but she was more easygoing and had a sense of humor about everything.  She wasn’t as openly misanthropic as Daria.  Instead she stood quietly in the background and watched the stupidity around her.  I always thought she was the coolest character on the show.  She wasn’t a one dimensional character. She was an artist, a runner, had a great sense of humor,  had a unique look, came from an interesting family and was a loyal friend to Daria.

Even Katy Perry idolizes Jane.  Photo via

Even popstars idolize Jane Lane. Katy Perry’s costume from Halloween 2012. Photo via