The Top 7 Female Cartoon Characters of My Childhood

While researching female cartoon characters online, I was dismayed by the number of lists I came across with names like  “The Sexiest Animated Women Ever,” “Cutest Female Cartoon Characters,” and “The 25 Least Sexy Cartoon Chicks.”  As if all female characters can only be reduced to their looks.  I got so much more from the female cartoon characters I watched growing up than how to be attractive.  The female cartoon characters I grew up watching were interesting, complex, and didn’t exist solely to be the love interest, like so many female characters are written as in movies and television.  They were intelligent,opinionated, and funny.  I’m not aware of the type of female characters on animated programs now, but I’ll bet that most of them don’t hold a candle to the characters on this list.  I honestly feel fortunate to have watched these female characters during my formative years. Continue reading “The Top 7 Female Cartoon Characters of My Childhood”


MTV’s Cartoon Heroine Daria Morgendorffer

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I know it’s a cliché at this point to say that Daria is an inspiration.  I mean, every brunette who wears glasses proudly boasts about her connection with the sardonic late 90s MTV heroine.  The entire point of the show was to make outsiders feel like there was someone out there who understood them.  As a shy, sensitive, introverted, socially awkward, yet thoughtful and perceptive kid, I instantly idolized Daria.  The character of Daria Morgendorffer seems like an unlikely icon for a generation of young women, given her origins.  Daria first appeared as a recurring character on one of the most male-centric shows in history, “Beavis and Butt-Head.”  According to Abby Terkuhle, MTV’s Senior Vice-President at the time, the character of Daria was created because they wanted “a smart female who could serve as the foil.”   Continue reading “MTV’s Cartoon Heroine Daria Morgendorffer”