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The Top 5 Cartoon Mean Girls


Toddler terror Angelica Pickles

1.  Angelica Pickles from “Rugrats”

Out of all the cartoons I watched growing up, 3-year-old Angelica Pickles from “Rugrats” was easily the best villain.  If you think about it, she makes the perfect villain.  Who would expect a toddler with pigtails to be as conniving, manipulative, and just plain mean as she was?  Continue reading


Lisa Simpson from “The Simpsons”

Of course Lisa likes Sylvia Plath. Source:

Of course Lisa likes Sylvia Plath.
Source: lisasimpsonbookclub

No discussion of intelligent and inspiring animated women would be complete without mentioning Lisa Simpson.  I’ve always wanted to be as smart, independent, and well-read as she is, and it’s my hope that there are young girls out there who feel the same way.  One of the things that makes her so inspiring is her love of literature.  A writer from The Atlantic was so inspired by Lisa’s bookishness that he created The Lisa Simpson Book Club, a blog dedicated to keeping track of the books she has read as well as every literary reference made on “The Simpsons.”  It’s a lot of fun to look through the different books, authors, and magazines that have been mentioned on the show.

Ginger from “As Told by Ginger”

Ginger in the middle Screencap by me

Ginger in the middle
Screencap by me

A couple of years ago, I somehow ended up watching an episode of “As Told by Ginger” on YouTube.  I am so glad I did, because I immediately fell in love with it and watched every episode available.  I recall not being too interested in the show when it was airing on Nickelodeon 10 years ago.  Now, I recommend it to everyone as an example of a well-written, clever, and realistic portrayal of adolescent girls. Continue reading